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We specialize in electrical panels, meter bases, and code compliance issues. If you feel that your electrical system needs to be inspected by one of our licensed electricians, please give us a call at 214-995-4528.



  • Have you heard of a Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical panel?
  • Has someone told you "Your breaker box is dangerous"?
  • Did you know that these "Stab-Lock" breakers can fail to "trip"? 
  • Federal Pacific and Zinsco breaker boxes are no longer UL listed and should be replaced

*A.T.S. Electrical Service is not implying that if you own "Stab Lock" designed breakers your home will burn. It is however, safe to say that if you do in fact own this type of breaker, have a short circuit, and it fails to "trip", the potential for a fire is great.

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